Intertransport and Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 with an authorized capital of 20 million Baht. Our office is located at 60/19 Sumnuk-I-Ngorn Rd. Mabkha, Nikompattana, Rayong 21180 Thailand.

The company offers transportation services throughout Thailand with emphasis on quality, fastness and integrity in a competitive price. We also have goods insurance policies.

Our team is well trained and experienced, and we never stop to utilize technology for better transportation service. With a growing list of prestigious customers, Intertransport and Logistics earns its position as one of the most successful transport companies in Thailand. 


"Advancement in logistics system to an
international level in all aspects

– customer service, punctuality and safety"



  1. Carry out transportation service from manufacturing plants (hirer) to the designated location with completeness, safety and punctuality.

  2. Every employee must behave with honesty and respect to his or her profession.

  3. Drivers must take into account the safety of goods and vehicle and the society.

  4. Drivers must not take any drugs nor drink alcoholics when on duty.

  5. Drivers must perform work with ethics and conduct, both to families and the society.

  6. Every employee must not cause trouble to the community, such as refrain from making loud noises that cause nuisance to nearby communities.

  7. Every employee must not cause any harmful effects to nearby community or company environment, such as discarding litters, batteries or vehicle tires.


We shall manage the company to meet global high-safety standards, with betterment of our employees and services quality by implementing and utilizing advanced technologies to maximize customer’s satisfaction


Reponsibility to Shareholders
    1.1 Be good representatives of shareholders in operating the business for the shareholders' utmost satisfaction.
    1.2 Perform work with honesty, ethics and conduct. 
    1.3 Truthfully report the results of business operation and the conditions of the business completely and constantly.
    1.4 Not seek for personal benefits to oneself or any related persons by using any data of Intertransport and Logistics Co., Ltd. that has not been disclosed to the public. 
    1.5 Not disclose confidential data which might be of harm to Intertransport and Logistics Co., Ltd. to outside persons.

Responsibility to Clients
    2.1 Carry out quailty service in reasonable price for the client's utmost satisfaction and maintain good and sustainable relations.
    2.2 Shall the client receive any unfair treatments, the client can file a complaint via the satisfaction questionnaire.
    2.3 Behave to every client equally with justice, carry out work with transparency and service mind, and have good manners.

Responsibility to Partners, Commercial Competitors and Commercial Creditors
    3.1 Not ask for, receive nor give any commercially dishonest interest to partners, competitors and creditors.
    3.2 If the company cannot comply to the conditions, the company must notify the partner, competitor and creditor in advance, to cooperate in finding solution to the problem.
    3.3 Behave accordingly within the framework of good competitive regulations and not try to defame commercial competitors with false accusations.
    3.4 Strictly maintain and comply to the conditions made with partners, competitors and officers, including payback, taking care of collateral and other conditions.
    3.5 Report to officers in advance shall the company not be able to perform accordingly to the commitment in the contract and cooperate to find solution to the problem.

Responsibility to Employees
    4.1 Give reasonable compensation and benefit to the employees and provide obligations for the employees to comply with.
    4.2 Take good care of the work environments and ensure safety to the life and property of the employee.
    4.3 Appointing, moving, rewarding and punishing the employee must be done with equality and honesty and based on the knowledge and skills, appropriateness and performance or actions of the employee.
    4.4 Give importance to improving the skills and knowledge of each employee by constantly and thoroughly giving opportunities to the employees.
    4.5 Listen to comments and suggestions from employees of all ranks and allow employees to inform about the company's illegal action to their supervisor.
    4.6 Avoid administering with unfair actions which might affect the employee's work stability.